Communications solutions for rail transport

Choose a communications solution that provides comfort to passengers and security and reliability to operators.

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Major transport operators trust our expertise

We supply technologies and know-how which are the backbone of passenger information systems and critical communication infrastructure in rail transport.

Passenger information systems (PIS)

We provide solutions for rail transport such as WiFi for passengers, specialised video surveillance systems, passenger counting systems, information displays, or a comprehensive information system.

The benefits you will get

WiFi for passengers.

Information LED boards and LCD monitors, which provide information such as train routes, railway disruptions, interchange stations, advertising spots, and other information for passengers during the ride.

Passenger counting systems.

Video surveillance system, which helps to increase the safety of passengers and operations. Smart switching between views for the engine driver. Recordings containing complementary information on location and events on the railway track.

Voice communication system for communication of the train personnel and informing the passengers.

Integrated communication workplace for the engine driver, with access to all elements of the passenger information system and its diagnostics.

Reliable and certified devices. All solutions supplied by us comply with the TSI standards, have been tested and certified for electromagnetic compatibility and durability, vibrations, fire resistance, and heat resistance.

Transmission systems for critical infrastructure

For almost 10 years as an authorised partner of Hitachi ABB Power Grids Switzerland, formerly Keymile AG Germany, we have been providing our customers with services within the field of critical communication infrastructure solutions, which are based on the access and transport platforms UMUX 1500 and XMC 20/25 respectively.

The advantages of the platform

Complies with the strict access and transport network standards for the so called “Mission Critical” Systems.

Flexibility in choosing the best technology for critical applications. Allows for the co-existence of native TDM and packet-based data transmission within one network device.

The highest availability under all circumstances. The XMC20/25 provides an identical scalability in TDM as well as in packet-switched MPLS-TP networks and IP.

The platform is mechanically robust and thanks to low energy consumption it can operate without a ventilator.

High-availability data transmission. The QoS (Quality of Service) functions guarantee a reliable transmission of information. The XMC20/25 platform is equipped by many redundant and protective functions.

High-security data encryption. A state-of-the-art encrypting based on keys generated by a hardware random number generator, with the focus on maintaining a high level of data availability.

Services of the XMC20/XMC 25 platform are centrally managed by the UNEM network management system or by a local ECST terminal.

Certified solutions

Devices and systems which are part of our solutions comply with the highest standards.



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